Candice Burton - BGirlzAcademyCandice is the cofounder of BGirlzWorld and BGirlz Academy. She believes whole-heartedly in girls using the power of creativity to engage their gifts, to develop and hone their skills to reach their fullest potential.

Candice is a dynamic poet, performer, and community activist. When given the opportunity to select a new business venture, she had so many ideas.

During a sleepover for her 6-year-old daughter, the girls were having a hard time getting their bonnets to stay on their heads. Candice decided that she needed to do something about that! BGirlzWorld sprouted from the idea to create bonnets, but not just any bonnet.

Bonnets that would address the woes of women and girls across the globe. The brilliant idea of Bonnet Girlz was born. Candace quickly put together a small team and ideas grew like wildfire!

There was so much more to Bonnet Girlz. She saw it as a conduit to encourage and inspire girls and young women to reach beyond what they see, regardless of their background or circumstances. Candice wants to make sure that girls and young women are given access to accomplish and cultivate their talents.

Candice was born and raised in Newport News, Virginia and resides with her family in Raleigh, NC.